Woofaa is a social media service operation that helps companies and individuals to turn their social media presence into a business success. The word “woofaa” is coined from a Chinese term which means “revitalize”. The extremely qualified and professional team of Woofaa does so by following ways:

  • An online Facebook Dashboard service which helps you to track Facebook stats and gather social metrics.
  • reporting service which translate intricate Facebook fan page public insights into actionable pointers. It helps managing your own fanpages much easily, and tracking your competitors much more efficiently.

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations track social metrics, discover key social insights, develop strategies and make management decisions efficiently to engage your audience and turn social media into your winning edge.

Our team is thrilled to have found the future of word-of-mouth marketing and have many exciting ideas about where this is going. Keep up with us on Facebook or Linkedin.

Your most trusted source on measuring brands’ social metrics

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